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Enviro-Gro Farms Limited is a producer and supplier of premium quality vegetables. Driven by a passion and a determination to make food production into an efficient, vertically integrated and profitable business, we set up the company to supply both local and export markets.


We also work with smallholder farmers to improve their yield and provide reliable access to local and global markets. We buy up their products and add value thereby giving them a guaranteed income and greater profit.  



To become Africa’s leading integrated food company

Our Mission

  • Develop great brands and products that are high quality, tasty, nutritious and nourish the customer

  • Utilize agronomy, technology and grower partners to maintain a constant supply of produce to ensure all year round supply to local and global markets

  • Enhance food security by ensuring sustainable food production systems and implementing resilient agricultural practices that increase production

  • Improve production and incomes of our grower partners and communities that we work with


Our Values

Only the best materials are used to produce superior products that are high in nutrition and taste.  Starting from our selection of certified seeds to growing systems and inputs, timing of harvest to delivery to your doorstep, we have taken uttermost care to ensure the results exceed expectations.

Food Safety
We have adopted Good Agricultural Practices and in-house management systems and processes that ensure that we maintain quality and standards that are consistent, sustainable and internationally acceptable.  Our biosecurity systems and processes for the production and handling of our vegetables ensure they are disease-free and do not pose any danger to our consumers.

Our greenhouses and smallholders are strategically managed so we can guarantee a year-round supply of produce from our facilities.  For local supply, the vegetables are loaded on specially designed plastic crates that ensure they well aerated and not exposed to any mechanical damage and delivered in company-owned trucks. This ensures consistently excellent produce,  faster delivery times, improved operating efficiency and strong customer relationships.

We believe that food production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner is vital to our survival as a business.  Our use of drip irrigation and fertigation systems result in optimal use of water and reduce excessive use of fertilizers.  Our growing practices and techniques reduce harm to the environment through minimal use of harmful substances like herbicides, pesticides.

We educate our smallholder farmers on international agricultural standards and the appropriate use of pesticides, fertilizers and other farm inputs to increase quality and maximize profits. We create sustainable income for these smallholders through the promotion of sustainable farming practices that also improve productivity and production.

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